Letter from the Chair

This semester brings many exciting events and activities, as well as new staff and colleagues. Teaching and advising our undergraduate students, we welcome Assistant Professor Greg Brownderville, featured in this issue of Erudition, Catherine Keene, and Cara Diaconoff, joining us for the year, and Michael Anderson, newly graduated from our Graduate Program and our first Hughes Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Sarah Sage is transforming our daily operations as project management specialist. She is managing our Graduate Program, implementing an improved website, answering the phone on occasion, and juggling several other projects.

Other faculty members are, as usual, at the forefront of the most stimulating activities on campus.  Tim Cassedy, Dennis Foster, and Lisa Siraganian are leading seminars and research clusters at the University’s new Interdisciplinary Institute: Tim, working with Spencer D.C. Keralis of the University of North Texas; Dennis, partnered with Carolyn Smith-Morris of Anthropology; and Lisa, working with Alicia Meuret of Psychology.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the SMU English Department. Join us! Go to smu.edu/English for the latest listing of events. Become a friend of the Department’s Alumni Association.

Let’s celebrate together.

-Nina Schwartz


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