Blackmon Dives In at Bush Institute

After graduating from SMU in 2010, Kristy Blackmon got a corporate job that allowed her to pay off debts, build her savings, and spend money on things that distracted her from the fact that she really wanted to be a writer.

She decided she needed a change, and began freelancing and networking like-crazy, volunteering for a variety of urban initiatives, and offering her services to anyone willing to pay her to write. She found work as an academic writer, a business writer, and a technical writer. She wrote copy for marketing campaigns, web pages, and press releases, and she credits the SMU English Alumni Association, which she founded and now heads, with bringing her to the attention of Brendan Miniter, Senior Editorial Director at the Bush Institute.

Blackmon now works at the Institute, through a contractor, for the editorial department in support of many projects. She calls the position the most satisfying and empowering she has ever held. “Within minutes of arriving at the office, I’m engaged in a steady stream of writing and editing of time-sensitive and relevant material for the Institute and the presidential museum,” Blackmon says. “I don’t stop until I leave at the end of the day.”

While she confesses she’d still like to write the Great American Novel, Blackmon says, “I quite honestly cannot wait to see what’s next.”

-Charlie Lewis

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