The New Century’s Poet

Poet Corey Marks, LitFest’s self proclaimed “local guy,” Corey Marksdirects the creative writing program at the University of North Texas. He gifted his listeners with his first public reading from his latest book The Radio Tree. Marks says it’s tricky to write and teach and direct a program, but he also says there’s something wonderful about teaching what he loves the most. He says, “I talk poetry all of the time and I think about poetry all of the time and I work with students who are equally as excited. There’s something about that that’s really nourishing.” Marks’ work is not only well nourished, it is well praised. US Poet Laureate Phillip Levine wrote: “By some process that seems magical Corey Marks can enter the lives of others… and remain himself in a voice so singular we learn to trust it totally. This is what the new century’s poetry will sound like when it is written by someone truly gifted and compassionate.”

-Charlie Lewis, Editor

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