Doing the Truly Important

With two published novels, a number of published works of nonfiction, a television pilot for Lionsgate, and a television series based on the protagonist of his second novel, Dean Bakopoulos is the epitome of the successful writer. Yet he never lets his success cloud his awareness of the economic despair and decline that affects his generation. His awareness of hard times was evident in his eulogy of recently deceased author William Gay in Fiction Writers Review, in which Bakopoulos recognized the “day job” that sustained Gay’s writing life, drywall hanging, as “one of the toughest jobs there is.” Whether we write with confetti in our hair or drywall dust in our lungs,” he says, “it’s being alone at the desk that matters most. It’s the work. We have to do the work.” Bakopoulos is doing the work—writing and asking his readers and listeners to consider, with him, what is truly important.

-Amy Holt, Sr. English Major

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