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Eduardo Corral, 2011 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition and recipient of a 2011 Whiting Writers’ Award, confesses he lost confidence in himself as a poet while at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He stopped writing; the thought of writing poetry filled him with despair. Corral says that his return to poetry began with jotting down ideas and images in a notebook and tinkering with lines and stanzas, simply for his own pleasure.

He also says he never stopped reading, calling books one of the greatest joys in his life. Corral says, “A writer must be a reader.” Corral reads while engaging with the author and his or her literary influences, trying to “figure out what makes the sentence tick, the reasoning behind the narrative arc.” He shares his findings with others. “Books create and enlarge communities,” Corral says. “It’s a thing of beauty.”

-Charlie Lewis, Editor

Eduardo Corral

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