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Angela Ards, recipient of a fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, is working on her book, Affirmative Acts: The Ethics of Self-Fashioning in Contemporary African American Women’s Autobiography.

Irina Dumitrescu presented Troubling Teaching in Cynewulf’s Elene at the Southeastern Medieval Assoc. meeting and Saturn’s Melancholic Sources at TEMA, and organized a panel on Performance Theory and Medieval Texts for the Medieval Academy Annual Meeting. She spoke on Saturnian Poetics at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, and her article, Violence, Performance and Pedagogy in Ælfric Bata’s Colloquies, will soon appear in Exemplaria.

Ezra Greenspan, a 2009-10 Mellon Distinguished Fellow in Residence, American Antiquarian Society, gave lectures on Researching and Writing African American Biography: The Life of William Wells Brown; on ‘To See a World in a Grain of Sand’: How to Read an AAS Document; on William Wells Brown, Missourian; and on African American Authorship and Print-Based Studies. He is co-editor of Book History.

Diana Grumbles has been appointed to the Board of Colophon, the Friends of the SMU Library.

Diana Howard won a Rotunda Teaching award.

Samantha Mabry’s short story Bad Spirits was published in the online journal H_NGM_N.

Dan Moss presented a paper, Virgil’s Gnat in 1591: Edmund Spenser, Publication, and Allegorical Currency, at the Renaissance Society of America’s 2010 conference and gave a talk, ‘Weepe Sheapherd Weepe’: The Means and Ends of Elegy in Spenser’s Daphnaïda at the 2009 GEMCS conference.

Beth Newman published The Vulgarity of Elegance: Social Mobility, Middle-Class Diction, and the Victorian Novel in Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture.

Martha Satz spoke on Performing Gender in Junior High and High School: Portrayal of Transgendered Youth in Young Adult Fiction; on Academic Mothering; on The Baffled Mother: Maternal Puzzlement in Narrative, in Pedagogy, in Academia; and on Letting the Genes Out of the Bottle: Should New Paradigms in Medicine Lead Us to New Paradigms in Adoption? Her essay, The Baffled Mother: Maternal Puzzlement in Narrative, in Pedagogy, in Academia, is forthcoming in Maternal Pedagogies: In and Outside the Classroom.

Ross Sloan had a paper accepted for a panel at SAMLA.

Lisa Siraganian gave a paper on Wallace Stevens’s relation to the free market at the American Literature Assoc. and Modernist Studies Assoc. conferences; a longer version is forthcoming in American Literary History. She presented a paper at the Charles Olson Centenary Conference and published a chapter in the edited volume, William Gaddis, “The Last of Something.”

C.W. Smith’s short story, Caustic, was published in the Southwest Review. TCU Press accepted his novel, Steplings, for publication. His novel, Purple Hearts, is to be published in TCU’s new ereader series eFrog and has just been named a fiction finalist in the Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards. A production company optioned his novel, The Vestal Virgin Room.

Willard Spiegelman has written numerous pieces for The Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Morning News, and Opera News. He is a contributing editor to D Magazine. Picador released his book Seven Pleasures in paperback. He gave an endowed lecture at Lawrence University and spoke at the American Library in Paris. Essays are forthcoming in Companion to Romantic Poetry and the Cambridge History of American Poetry, a publication of the Blackwell Companion series.

Lori Ann Stephens’s novel, Song of the Orange Moons, was published by Blooming Tree Press. Her article on narrative stance will be published in the Glimmer Train Stories’ issue of Writers Ask.

Bonnie Wheeler was honored by a special symposium at the International Congress of Medieval Studies for her contributions to the field. She published The Letters of Heloise and Abelard: A Translation of Their Collected Correspondence and Related Writings, with Mary Martin McLaughlin. She wrote Go litel blog, go litel thys comedye! in Brantley Bryant’s Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog Hath a Book: What’s So Fun About the Middle Ages? She is currently president of The Texas Medieval Assoc., series editor of the New Middle Ages for Palgrave Macmillan, and executive editor of Arthuriana.

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