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Click on the following articles to gain a deeper understanding of how food insecurity affects our country and solutions to the problem. Through these articles, you will see reports and research on the issue, along with ways to solve it.  

USDA Economic Research Service: Food Security and Nutrition Assistance

This article provides data on food insecurity in the United States, such as its prevalence, its rates among different socioeconomic groups, the expenditures for food programs in the United States, and more. To view charts and figures for food insecurity in the United States, click the link below.


CDC Definition of Food Security

This article gives the official CDC definition of food security for the United States. To read this definition and the CDC’s explanation of food insecurity, click the link below.


Food Insecurity: What It Is & What Is Causing It

This article describes what food insecurity is, who it affects most, and the problems it can cause. In addition, this article will explain the inequity in food insecurity, with those who help produce food being the most insecure. To learn more about food insecurity, click the link below.


Food Insecurity Research: In Short Supply- Everyday Essentials

This attachment gives an overview of Feeding America’s research on access to everyday essentials. It provides background information, graphs and charts on access to supplies over socioeconomic groups, strategies on increasing food security, and research on the effects food insecurity has on individuals. To learn more about Feeding America’s research, click the link below.


Nonprofit Resources

Click on each link to be taken to a nonprofit that fights food insecurity and offers resources and care for those struggling to access healthy food. Explore their websites and see what stances they take, how they fight food insecurity, and ways that you can be involved in the fight.

Official Engage Dallas Community Partner:

North Texas Food Bank logo links to their website and contains resources for its work.
North Texas Food Bank

Other Nonprofit Organizations:

Bonton Farms logo links to their website.
Bonton Farms
We Over Me Farm logo links to their website.
We Over Me
The Food Grid Dallas County logo links to their website.
The Food Grid
Feeding America logo links to their website.
Feeding America

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