Watch & Reflect

The following documentary follows Nikki Williams, a single mother living in a Portland “ghetto.” Her story describes one that many families face: being pushed out of their homes and communities due to a lack of affordable housing and a changing demographic to wealthier families.

Many of these families are promised revitalization of their community, but instead are displaced due to increases in housing prices that make it too expensive to continue living there. To learn more about the issue of gentrification and the importance of alternatives, watch the video below.

Priced Out | Portland’s History of Segregation and Redlining – Full Documentary

Reflection Questions

  • How did this documentary make you feel about your own neighborhood? Are there places in your community that you have seen change and gentrification that has led to displacement?
  • How does gentrification negatively impact communities, specifically low-income and minority areas?
  • How can you help rebuild broken communities without causing gentrification, specifically through your work with Engage Dallas?

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