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Click on the following articles to gain a deeper understanding of how to revitalize communities without displacement and gentrification. Explore the strategies in these articles to use in your community.

AARP: Revitalization without Displacement Fact Sheet

This factsheet describes ways to revitalize a community without causing displacement and gentrification. It gives myth-busting facts, provides ways to revitalize without gentrification, and provides examples of where revitalization has been successful in the United States. To learn more, click the link below.


Habitat for Humanity’s role in Neighborhood Revitalization

Every neighborhood is unique and has its own different set of strengths and weaknesses that must be addressed to ensure that neighborhood revitalization is successful. Our work is built upon the principle that, to be successful, each neighborhood must be treated differently.


Empowered Participation in Urban Governance: the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program

This article describes the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) during its Minneapolis project, describing its failures, successes, strategies, and the politics around the project. To learn more about the effect NRP can have on a community, click the link below.


Growing Taproots: Anchor Institutions, Community Development & Neighborhood Stabilization

This research article describes LISC’s research on a neighborhood called Phillips in South Minneapolis that was linked to high amounts of crime in the 90’s. Through the efforts of the government, local institutions, nonprofits, and the community, the neighborhood was destabilized without evidence of gentrification. To learn more about their efforts and the outcomes of this project, click the link below.


Nonprofit Resources

Click on the images below to learn more about nonprofit organizations that are working to rebuild communities sustainably, focusing on revitalization instead of gentrification and displacement.

Official Engage Dallas Community Partner:

Rebuilding Together North Texas logo that links to their website.
Rebuilding Together

Other Nonprofit Organizations:

Texas Association of Community Development Corporations
Habitat for Humanity
Right to the City

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