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Click on the images below to learn more about how to rebuild communities without causing gentrification and displacement. In this articles, there are strategies on how to achieve sustainable rebuilding and increase community engagement.

Neighbor Works America

To discover strategies for rebuilding a community without gentrifying it or removing the culture of the current residents, click the image above.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

This article describes how to rebuild a community without displacement, citing a research study that was conducted by LISC. Explore the way LISC is attempting to increase development without gentrification by clicking the image above.

Washington Examiner

Click the image above to dive deeper into the difference between gentrification and revitalization, and why gentrification is harmful to communities.

Useful Community Development

Explore the list of strategies for how to create a community revitalization plan by clicking the image above. It lists a series of steps and suggestions that show how to revitalize a community effectively.

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