June 15, 2016: Dallas City Council Votes to Rename Gateway in Honor of Resident Felix H. Lozada, Jr.

Felix H. Lozada, Jr. was an advocate for his West Dallas community. Among his many titles- WWII veteran, Olympian, baker, barber, and golfer he was a resident of the La Bajada neighborhood since 1961. His work as a community activist includes petitioning the city of Dallas to pave the streets of West Dallas in the ’80s and working on securing signatures to “…to pursue a rezoning that would limit the height of structures and preserve the area for single-family homes” (Alonzo, 2016, para 2). As a result, in 2012, “an ordinance was passed by the Dallas City Council that prohibited new residential construction higher than 27 feet. The measure aimed to keep out pricey town homes and lofts in his La Bajada neighborhood” (Solis, 2016, para 9).

After the dedication of the Gateway, Lozada is interviewed by Univision (Solis, 2016).

He was also part of the fight to secure health care for West Dallas and advocated for low-income housing. His service to his community portrays the struggles that West Dallas faced. He is among the group of West Dallas residents that stood up, took action, and demanded that this part of Dallas receive the same services other parts of Dallas were receiving.

“When he was just 12 and playing in the weeds, he heard gunfire. A Model A whizzed by with a woman in the back seat. “It’s Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker,” a child shouted. “Hey, Bonnie…fire a round!” shouted others” (Solis, 2016, para. 7).

Lozada speaking about his childhood in West Dallas.

In May of 2016, the Mayor Pro Team requested that the West Dallas Gateway, a space close to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, be named after Felix Lozada. A month later, on June 15, and two months before his passing, the West Dallas community saw one of their own honored for their efforts (Alonzo, 2016).

NBC 5 reports on the dedication of the Gateway in Honor of Resident Felix H. Lozada, Jr


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