February 2021: Residents Organize to Push Back on GAF’s Federal Permit Renewal

West Dallas residents have dealt with issues of pollution since the 1900’s when the first cement plat arrived. More than 100 years later, residents continue to live in an area that is a site to several environmental injustices. However, this time, the community now has organizations in their corner, and residents continue to be at the forefront in the fight against the companies polluting their community.

Facebook post from North Oak Lawn Democrats inviting the public to the public hearing held on July 29, 2021
(North Oak Lawn Democrats- Precinct 1022, 2021).

When the EPA placed RSR on the Superfund List in 1995 that was a win for the community. Now residents are hoping that GAF- an asphalt shingle factory will also be removed. The shingle factory is the top “…industrial sulfur dioxide polluter in the county, according to the Texas 2019 official emissions inventory. GAF is the lead roofing manufacturer in North America. The West Dallas factory is also the fourth-largest source of industrial particulate matter pollution and the ninth largest source of industrial carbon monoxide. It’s been operating in West Dallas for decades” (Vaughn, 2021).

When GAF’s five-year federal permit was up for renewal, residents and organizations came together to petition for a public hearing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Legal Aid of Northwest Texas gathered comments from the community, while Downwinders at Risk created a form to request the public hearing. A community meeting was also held to discuss air pollution along the Singleton corridor. The community was granted the public hearing and it took place on July 29, 2021 (Chaudhary, 2022). While the outcome of the hearing has not been disclosed, the community continues to fight for clean air.

Click on the image for a quick video that shows how close GAF is to a residential area (West Dallas 1, 2021).


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