30% tuition discounts for Dedman College Master’s degrees!

Dedman College has announced a 30% tuition discount for many current and recently graduated SMU undergraduates who want to pursue an Economics Master’s degree as well as some other Master’s degrees. The discount applies to students graduating with an SMU undergraduate degree between (and including) December 2019 and August 2020.  Students must be admitted to the Master’s program in Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 and will receive the discount for three years. Additionally, application fees and the GRE requirement will be waived and undergraduate credits can potentially transfer to the Master’s degree.

An SMU Masters’ degree in Economics can open up a new horizon of better career and job opportunities. It will advance your broad undergraduate training in economic thinking and analysis with the specific skills necessary to thrive as a business decision maker or professional economist. Recent SMU Master’s graduates work at a variety of places including The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, JP Morgan, Citigroup, American Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, the FDIC, Prudential, PwC, Deloitte and Samsung.

The Financial Engineer publishes rankings of professional masters programs in finance and business that are widely circulated. Based on these rankings, the SMU M.A. in Applied Economics program is currently ranked #31 in the nation (out of 157).

For further details about pursuing a Master’s degree in the Economics Department, please contact the Graduate Advisor Stephanie Robertson or the Director of Master’s Studies Bo Chen.


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