Spring 2020 TX Camp Econometrics

Back: Ding Liu (L), Tom Fomby, Dan Millimet, Hao Dong (R) Front: Hsin-Wei Chang (L), Jun Nie, Shuo Qi (R)

The 25th annual Texas Camp Econometrics took place on February 22-23 in Woodlands, TX. SMU has a strong history of participation in this Texas conference, and this year was no different.

As one of the original conference founders 25 years ago, Tom Fomby presented in the Founders Session titled “The Trend in Econometrics since 1975”.  As a second-year Assistant Professor, Hao Dong presented his paper “Nonparametric Significance Testing in Measurement Error Models” which is currently at the revise and resubmit stage for pulication at the academic journal “Econometric Theory”. And, as a fourth-year PhD student, Ding Liu presented his paper (joint with his advisor Dan Millimet) titled “Bounding the Joint Distribution of Disability and Employment with Contaminated Data”. Although not presenting, second-year PhD students Hsin-Wei Chang, Jun Nie and Shuo Qi also attended and participated.



Founders: Badi Baltagi (L), Tom Fomby (M) and Robin Sickles (R)

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