Ömer Özak appointed as Fellow to GLO

Associate Professor Ömer Özak has been appointed to the Global Labor Organization (GLO). The GLO is a global, independent, non-partisan and non-governmental organization that functions as an international network for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the general public interested in scientific research and its policy and societal implications on global labor markets, demographic challenges and human resources.

These topics are defined broadly in line with its Mission to embrace the global diversity of labor markets, institutions, and policy challenges, covering advanced economies as well as transition and less developed countries.

Ömer’s research naturally aligns with the purpose and mission of the GLO as his research explores the deep historical origins and long-run consequences of some of the most fundamental cultural, human and economic characteristics that are at the roots of contemporary comparative economic development across countries, regions and ethnic groups. His interdisciplinary research agenda lies at the intersection of varied economic fields including comparative development, economic growth, political economy, cultural economics, and evolutionary economics, and it further contributes to the fields of cultural and human evolution, and cultural anthropology.

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