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Jack and Beverly Wilgus with Paper Moon Set

Jack and Beverly Wilgus
with their Paper Moon Set

The DeGolyer is pleased to announce a major donation of rare photographs and books to the library by Jack and Beverly Wilgus. This is the first of what will be a series of donations to come of their historically significant collection. The Jack and Beverly Wilgus History of Photography Collection represents over 40 years of collecting and covers all aspects of photographic history including pre-photography. Included in the recent donation are such treasures as a salted paper print from the Crimean War by Roger Fenton, The Mexican Portfolio by Paul Strand, Edward Curtis photogravures from the the portfolios, platinum prints by C.D. Arnold of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Camera WorkPhotographs by Man Ray 1920 Paris 1934, more than 200 unmounted Anthony Civil War stereographs, many photographically illustrated books, albums, and much more. We are honored to be the recipients and entrusted with the care of such important materials related to the history of photography. More to come on the Wilgus Collection!

Robert S. Hyer demonstrating X-ray photography, 1897

Robert S. Hyer demonstrating X-ray photography, 1897