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Making a Difference in the Lives of Teens Experiencing Homelessness

Dedman College News Originally Posted: Jan. 1, 2019 Jorge Baldor, ’93, has a long history of working to improve the lives of others through his support of programs like the Innocence Project, After8toEducate, and through the co-founding of Latino Center for Leadership Development. His latest effort, the Fannie C. Harris Youth Center, is the result of a […]

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To ease gentrification pain, some Latinos embrace gentefication to preserve culture

Dallas Morning News Originally Posted: February 6, 2018 Fino Rodriguez shows off his skills as a chef at Taquero, his restaurant at the intersection of Chihuahua Avenue and Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. It’s a crossroads of reinvention. Chihuahua leads into a Latino neighborhood of Mexican immigrants like Rodriguez. Singleton Boulevard runs through an area […]