SMU Classes Resume, Virtual-only on Monday

SMU will resume classes next week with virtual-only academic instruction on Monday, February 22, 2021. The decision on virtual and/or in-person classes on Tuesday and beyond will be announced by Monday. Graduate students with Saturday classes should expect to hear from the deans of their schools if instruction will occur. Crews from the Office of Facilities Planning and Management and Office of Information Technology are working diligently to assess and repair damage to various buildings caused by this unusual winter blast, as well as ensuring all technology in classrooms are in working order. We will provide an update later today on facilities that will be open this weekend. At this time Hughes-Trigg Student Center is open as a warming and charging-up location Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports [...]

Five Dedman College faculty members receive 2021 Sam Taylor Fellowship awards

Dedman College News Originally Posted: Feb. 12, 2021 Each year, the United Methodist Church’s Division of Higher Education and Ministry grants Sam Taylor Fellowship Awards to support faculty research that advances the intellectual and social life of our global society. Following a highly competitive selection process, the Sam Taylor Fellowship review committee is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 SMU faculty awards to the following faculty members: Congratulations to the Dedman College recipients: Wookun Kim, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Andrea Laurent-Simpson, Ph.D.: Lecturer, Department of Sociology Tomce Runcevski, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry Holly Bowen, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Neely Myers, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology Additional SMU recipients: Amber Bemak, MFA: Assistant Professor, Film and Media Arts, Meadows School [...]

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Ancient indigenous New Mexican community knew how to sustainably coexist with wildfire

SMU News Originally Posted: January 20, 2021 Wildfires are the enemy when they threaten homes in California and elsewhere. But a new study led by SMU suggests that people living in fire-prone places can learn to manage fire as an ally to prevent dangerous blazes, just like people who lived nearly 1,000 years ago. “We shouldn’t be asking how to avoid fire and smoke,” said SMU anthropologist and lead author Christopher Roos. "We should ask ourselves what kind of fire and smoke do we want to coexist with.” An interdisciplinary team of scientists published a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences documenting centuries of fire management by Native American farmers. The team included scientists from SMU, the University of Arizona, Harvard University, Simon Fraser [...]

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Watch the December Commencement Convocation Live

December 19, 1pm: December Commencement Convocation - The ceremony will be in Ford Stadium at 1 p.m. for students and their guests. We encourage all others to join us online for the live broadcast.

Prevent the flu at SMU

SMU health officials urge students, faculty and staff to take preventive measures to protect their health against the flu. Because flu can spread by contact with people who are ill, SMU health officials recommend getting a flu shot when they become available. FREE flu vaccinations are available for all students starting September 21. For your safety, we will be administering shots at flu shot stations outside the Health Center. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED! Getting a flu shot this year will be far more important than ever this year due to COVID-19. READ MORE

Wildfire Archaeology and the Burning American West

Sapiens Originally Posted: September 9, 2020 As I type, the American West is ablaze with more than 100 devastating wildfires. Many of these are record-setting in both size and intensity. Several, including one in my home state of Colorado, have been so intense they’ve created their own thunderstorms. Science shows that wildfires have been getting more destructive over the last several decades. The question is: Why? Are they getting worse due to climate change? Or is it due to human encroachment on once remote forests? Or, counterintuitive as it may seem, are federal wildfire suppression policies to blame? In the U.S., forest fire management policies date back to the 1880s, shortly after Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872. After a roughly 50-year period in which some [...]

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SMU COVID-19 Dashboard

SMU News SMU has a new COVID-19 dashboard. Please use this to stay informed about quarantine numbers and isolation capacity levels.  

Welcome Back!

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed how we live, learn, work and teach. We’ve been working hard across campus to welcome our new and continuing Mustangs this fall! Take a look at how we’re taking health and safety to heart as we continue to provide the high-quality academic and campus experiences that make up the signature SMU education. READ MORE

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