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SMU-RTG fellows stay busy over the summer

Dedman College News:

The SMU Department of Mathematics launched an NSF funded Research Training Group program (SMU-RTG) in 2019 which aims to nurture research interaction between faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate students. The program has grown significantly over the years and currently supports eleven graduate and postdoctoral fellows.

Here are some SMU-RTG fellow summer highlights.

RTG fellow Elyssa Sliheet presented at SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Life Sciences Conference in Pittsburg, July 2022. Her talk was on the Role of Electrostatics in Machine Learning Assisted Structural Biology for the prediction of protein ligand binding affinity.

RTG fellow Sabrina Hetzel spent three weeks in Poland. She spent two weeks as a visitor at the Laser Physics Laboratory hosted by Dr. Kasia Krupa of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences. In addition, she attended the 2022 Siegman International School of Lasers. Attendance was by invitation only and Sabrina was one of 100 students chosen from 32 countries.

RTG Graduate fellow Molly Robinson presented a paper co-authored with Elyssa Sliheet at SIAM Life Sciences Conference. Title: Network Based Analysis Identifies Tp53m-Brca1/2wt-Homologous Recombination Proficient (hrp) Population with Enhanced Susceptibility to Vigil Immunotherapy

Other RTG fellows are keeping busy with internships at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, assisting with the RTG-REU summer program and advancing research projects.