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Research Roundup

Collaborative outreach and interdisciplinary research

Research on earthquakes in Haiti. Drs. Hornbach, Magnani and Hayward (Earth Sciences) have deployed off-shore of Haiti to collect high-resolution seismic reflection data on the fault linked to the recent Haiti earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The work is joint with colleagues at Scripps and other institutions and is funded by the National Science Foundation Rapid program. They boarded ships to Key West on October 31. I look forward to learning more upon their return.

International collaboration with Swedish researchers. On the basis of the results of her National Institute of Health-funded research on Project Support, an intervention to reduce conduct problems among children exposed to violence, Renee McDonald (Psychology) was invited to collaborate with colleagues in Sweden to conduct a multi-year, Swedish National Board of Health-funded study on adapting Project Support for delivery in Sweden.She has also been recently selected as a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the leading scientific organization in psychological science.

Collider physics collaborations. Fred Olness and Steve Sekula (Physics) have brought in new researchers to enhance their focus on nuclear structure and the Higgs Particle. This effort has been especially enabled by existing SMU theoretical physics leadership in proton and nuclear structure.

International team explores relationship between car designs and particle theory. Pavel Nadolsky (Physics) worked with undergraduate and graduate students to join Professor Aurore Courtoy from the Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México to develop a method to parametrize probabilities for finding quarks and gluons in protons.

Participation in pedagogical advancements: Marcela Giraldo (Economics) is presenting at the 2021 Economics Teaching Conference organized by Cengage.

Outreach in Dallas: Elizabeth Wheaton (Economics) and Rick Halperin (Human Rights) were instrumental in getting Dallas to adopt the UN Resolution to become a Human Rights City.

Gabriela Vokic (World Languages) is collaborating with a colleague from Texas A&M on developing online professional development modules for teachers of heritage speakers of Spanish, and she has recently published “Hablantes de herencia hispana en programas de lengua universitarios en los EE.UU.: Un panorama sincrónico” (“Heritage Speakers of Spanish in University Language Programs in the United States: a Synchronous Panorama”).

Professor-student research collaboration on the Very Large Telescope project. Krista Lynne Smith (Physics) reports her proposal for 24 hours of time on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) was accepted. Only 10% of proposals were accepted. Undergraduate researcher, Andrea Reyes, has been collaborating with her and was a Co-Investigator on the proposal.