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Opinion: Got geothermal? Texas does and ought to tap the resource

Austin American Statesman

Originally Posted: March 29, 2021

It is easy to look back at the recent Texas cold snap and identify the fixes needed in the energy grid. The oil and gas industry will also play a role in addressing the financial impact from COVID-19. Thus, the question becomes: How can we diversify our Texas energy portfolio while providing affordable and reliable heat, electricity and cooling?

One answer: Tap the Texas geothermal resources.

Geothermal energy is always on, rising within the Earth. This baseload, inexhaustible resource is below us everywhere. In fact, every oil and gas well already brings geothermal heat to the surface as a byproduct. During the 1970s and ‘80s, geothermal resources along the Gulf Coast were catalogued and proven extractable. Then initiatives to put geothermal energy to work were shelved when oil prices crashed, delaying diversification. READ MORE