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Courageous Conversations: 9 Leaders Telling Brave Stories


Originally Posted: June 22, 2020

SMU alumna Neha Husein ’19 is featured in this article.

What is a courageous conversation that you have recently had?

Courageous conversations are defined by the difficulty of the subject matter and the bravery of the subject discussing the topic. “Whether we’re leading companies, building our career, raising a family, or fighting for justice, we all need to be able to communicate when it’s uncomfortable, confusing, and difficult, and do it in a way that actually builds trust and strengthens our relationships,” shares Sofiya Deva of Warm Robots.

Nine leaders and influencers were selected to be part of Warm Robots’ inaugural “Council of Courage” that who then offered their own experiences and definitions of what a courageous conversation is. Their stories were shared as a collaborative project with Pinterest in their Stories beta as a multimedia project. Here are the nine influential leaders and their thoughts. READ MORE

8) Neha Husein

Neha Husein is a human rights entrepreneur and recent SMU graduate with degrees in human rights and marketing and minors in advertising and nonprofit studies. Neha is the Founder & CEO of Just Drive, an app that rewards undistracted driving that she created after she was rear-ended by a driver that was texting.

She believes in systemic change and says, “Having conversations about race, climate change, and various social justice issues with family members can be tough, but real systemic changes begins within households. Have those courageous conversations with your family and friends, move the needle.” READ MORE