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Rethinking Student Success: History Pedagogy and the Promise of Social Change across the K–16 Continuum

The Journal of Academic History

Originally Posted: March 1, 2020

This article was written by current Clements  Center fellow Natalie Mendoza.

As a California State University (CSU) (Sonoma State) alumna, I took pride in the impressive research project featured in this section, drawing considerable inspiration from its findings. A team of historians decided to take control of the narrowly defined data on “student success” collected on the CSU Student Success Dashboard: the vaunted administrative-driven data on student grades and demographics told them little, if anything, about students’ grasp of historical thinking or their sustained scholastic success. The CSU team chose to address this by merging its discipline-specific learning goals with the pressing issue of retention among its underrepresented minority (URM)… READ MORE