Chasing the American Dream: Sanaa Ghanim

SMU Daily Campus

Originally Posted: Nov. 7, 2019

Sanaa Ghanim arrives early in her first class of the semester. She made sure to set her alarm clock five minutes earlier than usual before going to sleep the night before. While she scans the lecture hall for an open seat, she quickly notices that the front row is mostly empty. Many students opt to sit in the back, especially during early classes like this one. But not Ghanim. She eagerly slides into the front and center seat, pulls her laptop out of her bag, and waits for the professor to start the lecture.

Ghanim pushes herself to learn as much as she can in class. While she cherishes the opportunities that Southern Methodist University provides her in the classroom, she is active around campus as well.

This year, Ghanim was selected to represent the Human Rights Program in SMU’s Homecoming celebration. This program is relatively small compared to the other organizations participating in homecoming, and she is the second candidate that the program has ever endorsed. While having fun is an important part of her campaign, she is focused on a broader issue.

“I hope to make it clear that you don’t need to be part of Greek or look a certain way to participate in homecoming,” said Ghanim. “Every student at SMU is a vital component of the university and deserves to feel as though homecoming is an event for them to holistically participate in. It isn’t enough to admit a diverse body of students: we have to actively work to ensure that every student on this campus feels included.” READ MORE

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