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Justin Barringer, Albert Schweitzer Fellow: Why Low-Income Parents End Up Paying More For Diapers


Originally Posted: April 3, 2019

Justin Barringer is a Dallas-Fort Worth Albert Schweitzer Fellow and Religious Ethics PhD candidate at SMU. Below is an article from KERA regarding his Dallas nonprofit, Diapers, Ect.

Diapers Etc. hands out around 10,000 to 12,000 diapers per month to families in need, for free. For those families on the financial edge, the necessary baby-care staple would be a crippling cost otherwise.

Last month, 600 people came through the door of the Far East Dallas nonprofit.

“There’s been tears of despair, of folks who just feel like they have let their kids down, that they don’t know how to make ends meet to take care of the kids that they love,” co-founder Justin Barringer said.

He runs the diaper pantry out of an old church. On distribution day, parents get 50 diapers per kid. That will last a typical toddler a week.

An infant, maybe five days. READ MORE