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Hometown hero: How Dallas’ first National Spelling Bee champ made spelling cool and became a journalist

Dallas Morning News

Originally Posted: June 1, 2018

Susan Yoachum graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in journalism and political science

Susan Yoachum walked into the Dallas Love Field lobby and was greeted with crowds of people “waving signs.” She started looking around, excited to see what celebrity  had come to Dallas.

She only figured out who the celebrity was after “hordes of her eighth-grade classmates suddenly began to hug her.” “Oh my gosh. They’re here for me.”

In a matter of days Susan had become a national name and a hometown hero.

Her claim to fame? Being the first kid from Dallas to win the title of National Spelling Bee Champion.

“She’s a real champ,” said a coach from her school. “If our basketball team trained the way she did, we might win a few games.” READ MORE