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Lunch With D CEO and Dedman College alumnus: Dr. Jeffrey Whitman


Originally Posted: April 2018

“Everybody who thinks enough of their teeth to get them checked, should get their eyes checked,” says the familiar-looking man in the blue scrubs.   

Dr. Jeffrey Whitman is responding after I tell him I can’t remember the last time I got my eyes examined, even though I get an annual physical and my teeth cleaned every six months. I started using cheap reading glasses on my 40th birthday, nearly 25 years ago.

I’m using my cheap glasses now to order lunch at Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery on North Central Expressway north of Royal Lane, across the highway from the new multimillion-dollar Key-Whitman Eye Center, where Whitman is president and chief surgeon. 

We both order the chicken barley soup and a glass of water. “Let’s go crazy!” cracks the ophthalmologist, who usually brings his lunch from home. “Did you know this is the original Cindi’s?” READ MORE