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Top 10 Dedman College Faculty Research Articles


Sapiens: Can Medical Anthropology Solve the Diabetes Dilemma?

As the number of sufferers continues to rise, some researchers are moving in new directions to figure out how culture and lifestyle shape disease outcomes.

LiveScience: Newfound dino looks like creepy love child of a turkey and ostrich

A new giant bird-like dinosaur discovered in China has been named for SMU paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs, Corythoraptor jacobsi, by the scientists who identified the new oviraptorid.

Cosmos: Painting with light in three dimensions

A new technique uses photoswitch molecules to create three-dimensional images from pure light.

SMU Guildhall and cancer researchers level up to tap human intuition of video gamers in quest to beat cancer

Massive computational power of online “Minecraft” gaming community bests supercomputers. 

Nation’s electric grid — a complex mathematical system — is dramatically changing

Deregulation of the U.S. electric markets, the emergence of renewable sources of energy and new technologies means there are large risks to the grid.

Male versus female college students react differently to helicopter parenting, study finds

Helicopter parenting reduces the well-being of young women, while the failure to foster independence harms the well-being of young men but not young women. 

Quartz: When diverse groups interact, everybody ends up smarter and healthier

“…although individuals may feel antagonism towards other groups in society, that prejudice is less strong if they interact with these groups in their daily lives.” — Desmet, Gomes and Ortuño-Ortín

Self-persuasion iPad app spurs low-income parents to protect teens against cancer-causing hpv

In the first study of its kind, self-persuasion software on an iPad motivated low-income parents to want to protect their teens against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus.

New delta Scuti: Rare pulsating star 7,000 light years away is 1 of only 7 in Milky Way

A star — as big as or bigger than our sun — in the Pegasus constellation is expanding and contracting in three different directions simultaneously on a scale of once every 2.5 hours, the result of heating and cooling of hydrogen fuel burning 28 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core.

Corporal punishment viewed as more acceptable and effective when referred to as spanking, study finds

Parents and nonparents alike buffer their views of physical discipline and rate it more common, acceptable and effective when it’s labeled with a more neutral, less violent word.