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Dedman College faculty books for your holiday gift-giving list

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Originally Posted: December 11, 2017

Complete your holiday gift list with books published in 2017 by Dedman College faculty. Some selections are available at the SMU bookstore. Most are available via online booksellers unless otherwise noted. READ THE FULL LIST

Books by Dedman College faculty

Manjhi Moves a Mountain (Creston Books), by Nancy Churnin, shows how everyone can make a difference if their heart is big enough. When young Dashrath Manjhi realizes the mountain separates his poor village from a nearby village with schools, markets and a hospital, he sees a solution no one else can imagine. With only his hammer, chisel, grit and determination, Manjhi spends 20 years carving a path through the mountain. Rachel Ball-Phillips, SMU’s adjunct lecturer of South Asian History and Indian Studies, served as the cultural contributor to this historical fiction work written for the K-5 audience.
The collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991 was widely perceived as a victory for freedom and democracy. Yet it threatened to be a destabilizing victory as the balance of global power shifted. In When the World Seemed New: George H.W. Bush and the End of the Cold War (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Jeffrey Engel, founding director of SMU’s Center for Presidential History, has written a compelling new book that reveals how President George H. W. Bush navigated the choppy waters that followed. The work is based on unprecedented access to previously classified documents and interviews with key policymakers. Engel, a longtime student of Bush ’41 and his presidency, previously wrote The China Diary of George H.W. Bush: The Making of a Global President (Princeton University Press).
No Resting Place: Holocaust Poland (SMU Embrey Human Rights Program/Terrace Partners) by Rick Halperin, SMU history professor and program director, and Denise Gee, SMU public information officer, with photographs by Sherry Aikman, program coordinator, features more than 200 contemporary photographs showing 13 of Nazi-occupied Poland’s most notorious killing fields and forests, ghettoes, prisons, and concentration and labor camps – six designed solely for extermination. Accompanying the images are historical vignettes and poignant personal observations shared by students and other lifelong learners who have experienced SMU’s annual “Holocaust Poland” trip, led by Halperin since 1996, the nation’s most comprehensive, longest-running educational pilgrimage of its kind. To purchase this book in support of SMU’s Embrey Human Rights Program, click here.
Current scientific discoveries portray only a fraction of a much greater universe ruled by vast mysteries that appear to shape reality. Reality in the Shadows (Or) What the Heck’s the Higgs? (YBK Publishers) by Stephen Jacob Sekula, SMU associate professor of physics, co-authored with S. James Gates, Jr. and Frank Blitzer, describes new understandings about the universe, and explains how the shadows in the unknown continue to be identified. The book chronicles the men and women who cast light on these mysteries of our existence. Written for the interested layperson, this engaging material includes many analogies and explanations.