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How Oprah Winfrey inspired Jets left tackle and SMU Dedman College alumnus Kelvin Beachum and his endless pursuit of knowledge

NY Daily News

Originally Posted: September 15, 2017

Kelvin Beachum chronicles the important moments every day, dividing his professional and private lives into separate journals. He catalogues his hopes and dreams, lessons learned and lessons to be learned.

Nine football journals rest in his Arizona home. He flipped through one of them a couple weeks ago after making the cross-country trip with his wife and daughter. The Jets left tackle wanted to access his notes on the Buffalo Bills, his first opponent this season.

He also has five personal journals inspired by Oprah Winfrey, who started keeping a Gratitude Journal more than 20 years ago to help make her “more receptive to the goodness in your life.”

Beachum embraced the power of the written word. He followed Oprah’s lead by writing three things that he was grateful for each day. It made him appreciate the simple and pure moments in life. It grounded him.

Beachum is a naturally inquisitive 28-year-old, whose thirst for knowledge will likely never be quenched. He is thoughtful, smart and appreciative in ways that escape too many of us.

He is eternally optimistic in the face of what many believe will be a Herculean challenge for the Jets this week against the powerhouse Raiders. . . and the coming weeks against everyone else.

“Life moves so fast,” Beachum said. “I’m blessed… I want to talk about what God has done for me, where he’s brought me from, the obstacles I’ve overcome. Sometimes it can be so easy for us to forget that.” READ MORE