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Medical Device Startup Founded by Dedman College Alumni Secures Investment

While studying at SMU, alumni Edward Allegra, Miguel Quimbar and Jack Reynolds discovered innovative research that could revolutionize the way asthma is treated. This discovery led to the conception of BioLum Sciences.

Edward Allegra, a Dedman College alumnus who majored in Economics with a minor in Anthropology, serves as CEO of BioLum. Jack Reynolds, another Dedman College alumnus who double majored in Markets and Culture and Finance, serves as CFO/COO. Miguel Quimbar, who received a minor in Chemistry from Dedman College as well as a major in Accounting, serves as CTO. The three drew from their diverse academic backgrounds and combined their varied skill sets to found the medical device startup in Dallas.

BioLum based in Dallas has recently closed a lead investment from Intelis Capital.

This new investment will be used to finalize product development, prepare for clinical trials, and accelerate commercialization. BioLum is now conducting clinical research to validate their technology and expects to begin clinical trials early next year.

BioLum’s device allows asthmatics to monitor the presence and severity of their illness, ultimately enabling them to personalize treatment plans and reduce costly asthmatic episodes. BioLum has been identified as a top, innovative startup in several national and global competitions and awards, winning over $100,000 in prize money.

BioLum continues to expand its presence and build its brand in the life sciences and mobile health communities in the North Texas region and beyond. Co-founder and CEO, Edward Allegra states, “We have one ultimate goal for the rest of the year: to have a commercially viable device ready for clinical trials by 2018. The next few months look very exciting for us as we continue executing our vision and mission.”

About BioLum Sciences, LLC

BioLum Sciences, LLC is the developer of a mobile health device, the BioSense AMD (Airway Monitoring Device), that aids in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of airway inflammation by ultimately enabling patients to quantifiably measure asthma symptoms in the comfort of their home. The team comprises an effective partnership between entrepreneurial expertise and scientific innovation, with training and experience in finance, chemiluminescent assay development, and electrical circuit design.