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#MustangsGiveBack is TODAY! Support Dedman College!

What will you support at SMU? Make a gift on March 7, 2017, and be a part of Mustangs Give Back, our annual one-day giving challenge.

Here are some of the Dedman College projects on the #MustangsGiveBack list:

  1. Bring International Film Festival to Campus: SMU’s spring international film festival brings the best of foreign cinema to campus. Films from the Arab world, Africa, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and many other countries and regions are screened at no cost to students or the general public. This helps bring international cinema to a city, whose existing film venues and festivals tend to exclude such films. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Integrating History and Technology through training on 3D scanner and printer: Students interact with 3D scanned models in real time, deepening their understanding of computers, technology, and engineering through the venue and values of our shared Texas past. SMU’s artifacts document a vibrant Texas history and prehistory related to Caddo and Wichita Indian traditions, 17th-century Spanish missionary efforts, post-civil war African American experiences, and the cultural roots of homesteading and western ranching in the state. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Help a student participate in an intensive local summer internship: Students who have completed nonprofit coursework can learn while giving back to the Dallas homeless community.  Students will gain practical experience working with organizations that provide address needs including housing, meal services, and job training.  An intensive summer internship at Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance provides the best experience in understanding the continuum of care for Dallas’ homeless, however, many students cannot afford to forego their summer jobs for the unpaid internship.  Your support provides two students with the ability to further their experience and share their knowledge, talents, and energy. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Send a student to study at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland: Imagine how studying at the largest science collaboration in history could change your life. With over 3,000 active scientists and billions of dollars invested, CERN is the largest scientific collaboration in history, and Dedman College students/faculty are intimately involved. Your donations will provide support for a physics student to study at CERN in Switzerland. Working on developments of new detection technologies, electronics for data transmission and collection and analysis of the data, the student will collaborate with other international groups and contribute to the ATLAS experiment and its evolution. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Engage with Public Policy and International Affair Experts: Help the Tower Scholars Program, a selective minor in Public Policy and International Affairs, launch a free speaker series featuring experts on foreign and domestic policy issues. “Practical Conversations: Dialogues on the Art and Practice of Policymaking,” will bring to campus mid-career policy makers ready to share their topical expertise with a public audience and their insights regarding their careers and professional development at a private dinner for Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars and moderated by the students, themselves. To learn more about the Tower Scholars Program, please visit our website. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Help Graduate Students Serve Communities in Need: Schweitzer Fellows create and launch innovative programs that address unmet health and wellbeing needs in underserved communities across DFW. Your donations provide professional guidance and funding to create programs of lasting value to these communities, such as a college readiness program at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, hearing screenings and parent workshops at the Morningside Children’s Partnership, colorectal cancer awareness workshops, a healthy eating and physical activity program at Lumin Education, and a church-based blood pressure screening and management workshops. To read more about Schweitzer Fellows and their projects, visit Goal:  $5,000
  1. Help us fund one semester for a Dedman College Scholar student next year: When you give to Dedman College Scholars, you help students explore outside of the classroom. For example, last semester, students conducted research on neurodegenerative diseases, worked in grassroots Human Rights programs and began organizing a new organization to provide legal assistance for the homeless. The Dedman College Scholars Program provides these learning opportunities for selected academically strong students seeking a major in Dedman College. The program offers scholarship support, an actively engaged community of peers, Honors coursework and close faculty guidance.The cost for a Dedman College Scholars Program student for one semester is approximately $5,000. Please make a gift today to help a Dedman College Scholar receive a scholarship next year! Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Fund a new course in Fall 2017 for Dedman College sophomores: As you finished your undergraduate degree and launched into the workplace, did you ever wish someone had shared not only their successes with you, but their failures, too? Your generosity will fund a new course in Fall 2017 that will be offered to Dedman College sophomores. Together with successful Dedman College alumni, Dean Thomas DiPiero will present ways in which these students can prepare and move confidently into the next stage of their life journey. Students will learn about career paths, network with successful alumni, and uncover internship opportunities. Dollar Goal:  $5,000
  1. Research Beyond Borders: Get out of town! As these students develop their research, many times they find that they must travel to another location to delve deeper into their area of research to study archives, artifacts, and visit libraries. Students from a broad spectrum of academic study– History, Anthropology, Archeology, Religious Studies and Art History (to name a few) will apply for the grants to continue their research of Texas, the Borderlands and/or the American Southwest. Dollar Goal:  $3,000
  1. Help send five honors students over Spring Break 2018 to Amsterdam as part of this History/Human Rights course who do not have the funds:The focus of this class will be issues of gender and sexuality across time and place. How does the human spirit manage to innovate and adapt in the face of adversity, cruelty and discrimination? A portion of the course will be conducted in Amsterdam—studying and touring the city, past and present controversies and issues surrounding gender and sexuality, and meeting with people from other parts of the globe who have arrived in Amsterdam as refugees. Dollar Goal:  $5,000