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Human rights grad’s ‘dream job’ to help program fulfill its dreams

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Originally posted: February 16, 2017

“The Embrey Human Rights High School Chapters project is in its infancy, but
we’re cultivating it based on the energy we get from DFW youth, who really want
meaningful human rights education.”

Lisa Walters-Vargas

–  Lisa Walters-Vargas,
new community outreach coordinator
for the Embrey Human Rights Program.

After earning B.S. degrees in human rights, Spanish, and cultural anthropology
from SMU in 2014, Lisa headed to Quito, Ecuador, to work with United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children (and last April helped
with earthquake disaster relief).

Then came two momentous opportunities: Marrying the love of her life and landing her
SMU “dream job.”

While everyone’s happy to have Lisa 2,500
miles closer to home, one person has been positively beaming since her return to campus last October: Her father and career inspiration, SMU Assistant Police Chief Jim Walters.
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