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Paul Abraham, DFW Schweitzer Fellow, Regaining control, one faithful step at a time

October 15, 2015 


Paul Abraham, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Schweitzer Fellow and second-year medical student at UT Southwestern, is deeply passionate about serving others. In his decision to develop a smoking cessation program for the men of Calvert Place Men’s Shelter on the west side of Dallas, Abraham hopes to help stave off not just the physical effects of smoking, but also help the men cope with the significant stress of their daily lives and take a more preventative approach to their health.

Abraham’s choice to serve a population experiencing homelessness is one close to his heart. Previously, he volunteered with MissionYear near downtown Chicago, where he spent 24 hours living as though he was homeless. Abraham elaborated, “Reflecting back on that experience, I still remember how devalued I felt. I would call out asking for change to individuals who wouldn’t acknowledge my existence or would suddenly become so absorbed in their smartphones that I realized that my presence was burdensome to them—it made them feel insecure and unsure of how to respond…No person deserves to feel like they are less than human.” READ MORE

The Dallas-Fort Worth Schweitzer Fellowship Program, housed in SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, carries forward the legacy of Nobel Peace Prize recipient and humanitarian-physician Albert Schweitzer.