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Undergraduate research is growing at SMU

The Daily Campus: Originally posted on September 18, 2014


Undergraduate research is growing in universities across the country. At SMU, more than 150 undergrads are conducting research on campus.

“What that vies them is a step up to get into grad school or to get that next job,” said Susan Kress, director of Engaged Learning.

Junior Christina Lollar works in a chemistry lab in Dedman Science. She believes her research has helped her learn in the classroom.

“I can’t think about research without thinking about the theory and I can’t think bout the theory without thinking about research now,” Lollar said. “They’re very intertwined worlds, which is great.”

And research is not just limited to the sciences, as some would believe.

“I’m a very storm believer in the notion that research is really across all disciplines,” said Robert Kehoe, director of Undergraduate Research.

Senior Abby Marchessault visited Bali, in Indoesia, to learn how the culture teaches dance.

“Probably one of the things I enjoyed most about it was the whole process of learning something and learning that there even was something to learn that I didn’t know,” Marchessault said.

With over 20 programs available to undergraduates, students have a wealth of research opportunities in any field they may choose.

“There’s not just one good program,” Kehoe said. “At other schools, they’re just like ‘the program.’ I think that students have a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t have at a lot of other schools.”

To learn about all the research happening on campus, visit the SMU research blog.


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