Titles of Reviews

Thought I would make a list of JAZZDANCE review titles. It is interesting that they are a bit generic at the beginning and get more specific as the years continue. It is reflective, I think of my developing clarity about what I was doing and as the performing aesthetic became clearer. Here goes!!

Jazz Dance: Danny Buraczeski And Company in 4 of His Works                                         New York Times  Jennifer Dunning – March 26, 1981

Dance: Jazz and Show                                                                                                                 New York Times Jennifer Dunning November 22, 1981

Three Young Companies Earn Applause                                                                              The Sun Durham, NC Alison Al – July 15, 1982

Dance: In Jazz Idiom by Danny Buraczeski                                                                      New York Times Anna Kisselgoff October 29, 1982

Dance: Buraczeski Company                                                                                                    New York Times Jennifer Dunning April 1,1983

2 Modern Companies get down to basics and D-A-N-C-E                                      New York Tribune Jane Rigney November 1, 1983

Pillow Kids Shine                                                                                                                          The Berkshire Eagle Lynn Garofola August 21, 1985

The Dance: Jazz Styles by Danny Buraczeski                                                                   New York Times Jennifer Dunning January 12, 1986

Jazzdance genius makes splash                                                                                        San Antonio Express News Ed Conroy April 16, 1986

No phony flash – just choreographic excellence                                                            San Antonio Light Josie Neal April 16, 1986

Jazz groups’ event dance was a ‘wow’                                                                     Minneapolis StarTribune Mike Steele October 31, 1986

The Dance: “Jazz Parade” Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival                                          New York Times Jennifer Dunning August 21, 1986

Jazz dance right on target in Muhlenberg Performance                                           The Morning Call (Allentown) Kathryn Williams December 11, 1986

Jazzdance performers intense                                                                                               The Collegian (U Mass Amherst) Brigitte La Voie February 18, 1987

Jazzdance troupe delivers on its promise                                                                         The Christian Science Monitor Amy Duncan June 16, 1987

Buraczeski troupe tops in jazz dance                                                                              The Cincinnati Enquirer David Lyman October 3, 1987

Loneliness, Sensuality, Joy                                                                                  “Jazzdance” Weaves Many Moods into Fulton Show                                                   The New Era (Lancaster, PA) Jane Holahan October 10, 1987

Dance: Jazzdance Troupe, With Danny Buraczeski                                                      New York Times Jennifer Dunning  January 21, 1988

Dance as Jazz, Hip and Cool                                                                                               San Francisco Chronicle Marilyn Tucker January 30, 1988

JAZZDANCE in SF Less is More                                                                                               Eric Hellman February 5, 1988

Jazzdance: A chance to “see” the music                                                                              Post Courier, SUNY Albany Helen C. Brandenburg May 29, 1988

‘Jazzdance’  is rooted in the beat                                                                                 Portland Press Herald, Maine Donna Gold October 22.1988

Buraczeski bows in with tip-top dance                                                                              The Times Union, Albany, NY November 3, 1988

Tapped into Jazz Pulse                                                                                             Schenectady Gazette Constance Vallis Hill November 3,1988

Bending Ballet to the Shapes of Jazz                                                                                     The New York Times Jennifer Dunning December 7, 1989

Exuberant Jazzdance troupe scores a hit with 2 premieres                      Minneapolis StarTribune Mike Steele April 4, 1993

Buraczeski’s new company has a fabulous start                                                         Saint Paul Pioneer Press Michael Fleming April 5, 1993

Jazzdance’s giddy ‘Nutcracker’ a joy to behold                                                 Minneapolis StarTribune Mike Steele November 30, 1993

Buraczeski’s Jazzdance gives a driving performance                                     Minneapolis StarTribune April 30, 1994

Infusing the Hard Sell with Complexity                                                                           New York Times Anna Kisselgoff February 10, 1995

Melting-Pot Rhythms                                                                                               Buraczeski choreographs a cultural rainbow                                                           Bergen County Record Joseph Mazzo February 10, 1995

Jazzdance concert offers textured mix of styles and steps                          Minneapolis StarTribune Mike Steele April 1, 1995

Jazzdance nimbly navigates line between past and present                                    Saint Paul Pioneer Press Michael Fleming April 1, 1995

Broad, flowing arc of Jazzdance dazzles in eclectic showcase                           Tampa Times John Fleming July 2, 1995

Jazz dance goes beyond the genre                                                                                        The Boston Herald Karen Campbell July 29, 1995

Buoyant Jazzdance enlivens the Pillow                                                                          The Berkshire Eagle Mary Grace Butler July 29, 1995

Serious Jazz Dance from Buraczeski Troupe                                                                     Los Angeles Times Lewis Segal October 24, 1995

Upbeat Jazzdance leaves crowd toe-tapping for more                                               The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) Kathryn Williams November 21, 1995

Jazz dance show skips from Latin to Klezmer                                                        Cincinnati Post Jerry Stein July 20, 1996

Long-Lost Steps and Party Time Jazz                                                                               New York Newsday Sylvaine Gold May 15, 1997

In the Groove                                                                                                                   Metroland (Albany, NY) Mae G. Banner November 7, 1997

Jazzdance, On Its Toes                                                                                                                  The Washington Post George Jackson May 9, 1997

Small Lives Enlarged by a Heroic Air                                                                               New York Times Jennifer Dunning May 16, 1997

Swinging and sliding and all that jazz                                                                           Dallas Morning News Margaret Putnam May 18, 1997

Jazz dance’s work comes full circle                                                                                  Boston Herald Karen Campbell July 18, 1998

Modern dance to a jazz beat                                                                               Refreshingly original and graceful performance at UC Davis                    Sacramento Bee William Glackin October 11, 1998

Technique Provides Firm Footing for Vibrant Jazzdance                                      Los Angeles Times Victoria Looseleaf October 17, 1998

Jazzdance a la Buraczeski is seductive                                                                  Cincinnati Enquirer Carol Norris February 27, 1999

A Jazzy Form Reinvented as Meditative Balm                                                                 New York Times Jennifer Dunning March 18 1999

Buraczeski spins a wondrous wheel                                                                                The Boston Globe Debra Cash April 9,1999

JAZZDANCE rolls on with ‘Ezekiel’s Wheel’                                                                Boston Herald Karen Campbell April 10, 1999

JAZZ DANCE puts real soul into what has been scorned                                              St. Louis Post-Dispatch Brenda Shoss May 4, 1999

JazzDance moves audience through both time and space                             Burlington Free Press Elizabeth Seyler June 14, 1999

America’s bet jazz choreographer turns the ‘Wheel’                                              Saint Paul Pioneer Press Camille LeFevre November 4, 1999

Jazzdance, Copland prove an ideal pair                                                                         Saint Paul Pioneer Press William Randall Beard June 18, 2001

JAZZDANCE combines thoughtful art, showmanship                                              Saint Paul Pioneer Press Donald Hutera November 26, 2000

A Sliver of a Moon, A Fragment of a Tale                                                                            New York Times Jennifer Dunning March 10, 2001

‘Swingin’ on a Rainbow Without Hype, Attitude or Poses                                        New York Times Margo Jefferson March 21, 2001

Polished Jazzdance runs the gamut                                                                        Minneapolis StarTribune Rick Nelson November 17, 2001

Jazzdance expressive, musical in new work and old                                        Minneapolis StarTribune Rick Nelson December 8, 2002

JAZZ DANCE gets happy in Judy Garland Show                                         Minneapolis StarTribune Camille LeFevre April 13, 2003

‘Get Happy’ is fitting Garland Tribute                                                                             Saint Paul Pioneer Press Linda Shapiro April 13, 2003

Jazzdance Premieres 3 Pieces in New York                                                           Associated Press Claudia La Rocco July 22, 2003

Jazzdance Follows a Stylish Example                                                                                   New York Newsday Sylvaine Gold July 24, 2003

A ‘Four Seasons’ to Raise Vivaldi’s Eyebrows                                                                  New York Times Anna Kisselgoff July 26, 2003

Buraczeski Retrospective One Last Time – with feeling                                           Saint Paul Pioneer Press Linda Shapiro April 16, 2005

Jazz dance takes a final bow – and how                                                           Minneapolis StarTribune Camille Lefevre April 17, 2005