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I need to do more research about this. When I closed the company in May of 2005, I donated the JAZZDANCE archives to the Andersen Performing Arts Library at the University of Minnesota. I am going to perform in the Twin Cities in July and have an appointment to look at the materials there. Hopefully, I can fill in some missing information in this category.

Jon Houston (NYC)

Ted Dawson (NYC)

Byron Gibbs (NYC)

Bruce Ackland (NYC)

Diane Waller (Minneapolis)

Matt Jenson (Minneapolis)

Coco Connolly (Minneapolis)

First Concert – New York City


1st Concert POster









Second Concert – New York City


Dance Gallery POster









Third Concert/New York/Playhouse 46

Fourth New York Concert/1982 Riverside Dance Festival

1982 Riverside







Riverside Dance Festival 1984

Riverside 1982







Riverside 1984









The Joyce Sampler 1986

Times Sampler

Times Sampler Bottom














New York/Marymount Manhattan Theater 1987









The Joyce Theater (1988)

Joyce Front1987

Joyce 1987

Minneapolis/O’Shaughnessy Auditorium/ St. Paul/New Beginnings 1993

O'Shag #1

O'Shag #1 Front

O’Shaughnessy/April 1994

1994 O'Shag







The Joyce Theater/February 1995



O’Shaughnessy/March 1995

O'Shag 1995







O’Shaughnessy/ May 1996

1996 O'Shag




1996 O'Shag Side 2







O’Shaughnessy/April 1997


The Joyce Theater/ May 1997


O’Shaughnessy/March 1998

1998 O'Shag









O’Shaughnessy/November/December 1998

Duke Birth Front







The Joyce Theater/March 1999

Joyce March 1993:Judith

Other Side Blue Judith








O’Shaughnessy/ November 1999

1999 O'Shag







O’Shaughnessy/ November 26-26/December 1 & 2 2000

'Tis the Season:Mpls







COPLAND/Music&Imagination The Southern Theater June 8-18 2001

Copland 2001

Reverse Copland














O’Shaughnessy November 16-16, 2001

O'Shag American POrtraits









O’Shaughnessy December 6-8, 2002

Ellington 2 Front







Ellington 2







The Southern Theater April 10-13, 17-20, 2003 GET HAPPY/The Judy Garland Project

Get Happy 1
Get Happy 1 Back













The Joyce Theater (NYC) July 21-26, 2003

Joyce 2003



Joyce 2003 2nd Side









The Southern Theater/April 15-18, April 22-25, 2004

Get Happy 2









O’Shaughnessy November 12-14,  2004

Last O'Shag Front

Back Last O'Shag











A Life in Dance The Southern Theater April 1-17, April 21-13, 2005 

A Life in DanceFinale

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