These are photographs of as many dancers as possible who have been a part of JAZZDANCE, from its beginning in New York in 1979 to its end in Minneapolis in 2005.    

Becky Bowden (NYC)            Becky Bowden









Janice Redman (NYC)

Janice Redman

Janice - Promenade









Gina Kraut (NYC)                                                   

Gina Kraut #1


Swing Suite -Trio









Betsy Friday  (NYC)

Betsy Promenade                                                   Betsy Note


Les Johnson (NYC) (Minneapolis)

On The Side of Light - Les

Swing Concerto #4


Kathryn Appleby (NYC)

Headshot Kathryn


Hair Kathryn








Nancy Mikota (NYC)

Nancy Mikota








Tee Scatuorchio (NYC)


New Tee









Rochelle Rice (NYC)

Jimmy and ShellyShelly


Rob Rabin (NYC)Rob Rabin


Michael McNeil (NYC)

Moonbath #2Michael Mc







Abby Levine Saxon  (NYC)                                                                    

Out of he Blues copy 2

AbbySwing I remember going to your audition and being stunned that there was this whole other dance world, a whole other style of moving, and how great your dancers were (and where in the heck did they come from?)  I thought I was so entrenched in the contemporary dance scene, and it was such a shock for me to see these fabulous jazz dancers who also had amazing technique!! 


Ruth Loomis (NYC)

Ruth Loomis







Lee SmilekLee Smilek


Phoebe Farber (NYC)Phoebe


Kimberly Daugherty (NYC)



Ivan Wolfe (NYC)                                                                  


Reach Out!

Ivan Wolfe











Michael Kane

Michael Kane









Mary Copland (NYC)









That’s Mary on the left with Becky Bowden at the American Dance Festival.

Jane Blount (NYC)

Avalon #2 - Lateral


Lost Life Skirt


Amy Cox (NYC)

Amy & Danny - Lost Life_2_2







Lisa Barnett (NYC)

Wind Waltzes Group











Richard Havey (NYC)NYC Jump_2_2



April Hinkle (NYC)




Karla Kay Larson Grotting (NYC) (Minneapolis)




Karla Kay


James Viera (NYC)

Jimmy Snazzy

Fission Duo









Robert Smith (NYC)

Wind Waltzes - Robert

Avalon #2 - Lateral



Yloy Ybarra (NYC)

Line-AvalonLost Life - Danny and Yloy









Jeffrey Peterson (Minneapolis)

Beat Tilt-1Get Happy 1



Ann-Marie Myhre (Minneapolis)

Jeffrey & Annie - Judy















Maria Vignone Slutiak (Minneapolis)                                                                                                              



Copland #2









Judith E. James Ries (Minneapolis)Roland Rehearsal #4

Judith Bee


Southern Judith


Matthew Janczewski (Minneapolis)Matthew

Mary Ann & Matthew


Joanne Horn Spencer (Minneapolis)


Joanne Cares

Final Joanne


Katie Berthel (Minneapolis)

Nutcracker - Katie

Southern Katie


Annie Enneking (Minneapolis)

Nutcracker Annie and Danny #1


Dana Holstad Kassel (Minneapolis)

Dana 2 


Michael McGowen (Minneapolis    Mike



Jennifer Wolverton Stringer (Minneapolis)Jen


Final Jen


Brad Garner (Minneapolis)

EW Brad



Mariusz Olszewski (Minneapolis)    Copland #1Mariusz Olszewski                                                                                                  


Mark Kane (Minneapolis)



Mark & Danny










Cathy Young (Minneapolis)

Cathy & Danny LiftFinal Cathy










Mary Ann Bradley (Minneapolis)

Mary Ann

Mary Ann - Judy - Finale


Kenneth Parkhill (Minneapolis)

Kenneth Parkhill










Jesse Walker (Minneapolis)

Jesse & Jennifer

Southern Jesse



Jennifer Brackin (Minneapolis)Jesse & Jennifer

Danny-Women Cascade



Natalie Brown (Minneapolis)




Joel Klausler (Minneapolis)


Final Joel










Colleen Tague (Minneapolis)




Laura Selle (Minneapolis)Laura




Corey Mills (Minneapolis)Southern Cory

Corey Swing


Galen Treuer (Minneapolis)Galen

Greg Waletski (Minneapolis)


Secular Psalmody


John Beasant III (Minneapolis)


Eric Boone (Minneapolis)Eric



Josh Walden (Minneapolis)Josh



Kat DeBlois (NYC)

Lauren Hayes (NYC)

Deborah Adams (NYC)

Dan Walsh (NYC)

Frank Pietri (NYC)

Frank Montoya (NYC)

Geraldo Alverio (NYC)




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