SMU – The Final Year!

There are two weeks left before school starts on  Monday August 21. I have a lot to do in those two weeks, revised syllabi for the classes I am teaching – Jazz I and Jazz II. Later in the semester, I will teach the last unit of Comp II. I also have to organize the fall 2017 Brown Bag. It will probably be difficult finding faculty adjudicators/mentors. We have Complexions for ballet faculty this year, Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson. They have negotiated time away during the semester so I doubt it would work for them. I have an appointment with SMU Human Resources on Tuesday August 8 to go over the process of retiring. I hope to get back into a regular swimming routine as soon as possible.

It is now August 10, my syllabi are revised. My meeting at HR yesterday was all about health care, 99%. It is so complex. It will take me a while to figure it out. The woman who talked with me said that everyone was in a fog the first year. She also thought that in terms of the financials, I was in good shape. I still have access to the gym but pay $30 quarterly instead of $10 being taken out of my paycheck every month. That was good to know.

I also had a meeting with our Chair and the production supervisor on Tuesday. It was a decent start on figuring out the complexities of scheduling and casting. I will be a very busy guy.


This is a photo of me teaching at the Bates Dance Festival.  I am wearing an SMU Division of Dance T-shirt. The photo was taken by the festival photographer, Arthur Fink. The Meadows School of the Arts has asked for an updated Bio and a new photo for the faculty page of their website. I sent them this one.


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