Posterior Tibial Tendon Strain

It has been a while since I have posted anything – just want the things I write about to have some substance – a good reason to write is best. Today is the last day of classes. It is a Monday but following a Friday schedule. Yes, it’s true. Consult the faculty senate’s scheduling committee. Spring classes usually start on a Friday and the we have Martin Luther King Day off on Monday. This semester, the first day of classes was the Tuesday after MLK Day, hence Monday is a Friday.

I have had an injured left foot and was given a medical leave from teaching my dance classes for the last three weeks – still participating fully in the rest of my academic responsibilities. I don’t know how I sustained the injury. Had an MRI on my foot. After analyzing the results, the wonderful Dr. Carr Vineyard at the Carrell Clinic came to the conclusion that I have a posterior tibial tendon strain. This is my ankle in two different views:

At first I was given a pack of oral steroids. They worked a bit. Went back to see Dr. Vineyard and he gave me a steroid shot in my ankle. It really worked. I have been doing some physical therapy on  the Pilates reformer. That helps as well and I have come to the conclusion that my feet are strong. I think the problem has something to do with placement. I will keep working on what that means. I have one more follow-up with Dr. Vineyard. I just want my body to be in good working order  for my last year at SMU. The mini-retrospective in the spring will be a lot of work and I want to enjoy every minute.

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