Another Roll Down Yet Again

Yes, it’s true. There is a post from December 2015 called Another Roll Down. I am teaching Jazz I and Jazz III in spring 2016. Jazz III has a population of students I have already taught – some multiple times – the reason for a new roll down. I have a big black book with steps, exercises and some of my roll downs painstakingly documented. If there is anyone reading this who does not know what I mean by a roll down, it is the beginning of class, a series of exercises that prepares the body for what comes later. It all depends on the music I find. It can take up to a month to create a new series. If the music is really great, I can do it in a week. We will see.

December 29 – I may have found the music! It is called Sixth Sense and is by Dave Brubeck. What could be better? Sixth Sense is the finale of a dance of mine called FISSION.  I write about it on the History page. That version was from an album called Jazz Impressions of New York and is played by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. The new roll down version was recorded much later and is played by Dave, Chris, Danny, Darius and Matthew Brubeck – a family affair. It is a great riff on the original, 7:34 minutes long. I will get to work and see what happens.

I did it – the roll down is done and I really like it. A few tweaks are in order mainly having to do with the tempo. Sometimes when the music is a bit slow, I have to alter the phrasing so that it keeps a good pace and is not too labored. I am close. Classes start a week from tomorrow.

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