End of Fall 2016 Semester

It feels like everyone is hanging on by a thread, at least that’s my impression. I may be completely wrong. We did our Comp I final project showings yesterday. I pair up students who will choose one of the four elements. They must share their sources, a scientific, poetic or philosophical essay or article about the element and a YouTube clip. They are free to pick their own music. We then have eight classes to create a duet. It was, I¬†thought, quite successful. There were 2¬†waters, one earth, one fire and a duet with both fire and water.

So – the semester is over. All my grades are posted. The photo below is of my right knee – more about that later. A few interesting things happened at the end of the semester. I inadvertently gave a student in Jazz II an F.

It has to do with an Incomplete. If a student gets an Incomplete, there is an agreement made – how much work was done, the grade for that work and how much time to finish the course. In the midst of end of the semester craziness, I forgot, the Incomplete lapsed and the default grade of an F was registered. I set the process in place to rectify the situation and all is now well. My first F after all this time.

I had a total right knee replacement in June of 2012. My knee problems began at Jacob’s Pillow while working on the “Jack Cole Project”. We were all studying Bharatanatyam, classical dance from southern India – lots of quick squats. The surgery was long overdue. After physical therapy was done, I went back to Yoga class. I sat with legs crossed, right over left, and there was pain on the inside of my right knee. I freaked and went back to see the surgeon who did the operation. He said that on rare occasions, there is some residual scar tissue that slips over the metal. I happens occasionally. I decided to go see the surgeon. I will be retiring after the spring 2018 semester and if I have this issue cleaned up, I ant to do it while I have SMU’s great health insurance. Dr. Mabry said it is day surgery with minimal rehab. I just need to find the right time. Dr. Mabry is retiring at the end of December. I asked how old he is – 62. I am 68 and will retire when I am 70. OY!

That’s it – the semester is done – a bit of relaxation and recharging – much needed.

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