Another Roll Down!


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I will be teaching Jazz III again in spring 2016 (in addition to Jazz II). I made up a new roll down this past semester but since I will have a lot of the same students, I feel it is important to make up another/alternate roll down. It is how I start my classes and is an important component, setting up everything that comes after. If memory serves, I have created six, maybe seven sequences since I started at SMU in 2005. The first was set to music by a Cuban pianist, Gonzolo Rubalcaba. My students referred to this as the “feet in the sand” roll down. I then used Stevie Wonder ( still use this one, although it has changed and improved constantly), Miles Davis, Yusef Lateef, Christian McBride and lastly Oscar Peterson and John Faddis. I think I made another to a version of Django, but it was obviously not memorable. My ongoing search for new music has lead me to an interesting and exciting piece of music by Max Roach. It is called Rumble in the Jungle from a 1979 album, M’Boom. I will first investigate the structure and then start to work on it after Christmas. Onward!

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