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Information Literacy through Wikipedia? Yes!

A Wikipedia editing project conducted in a summer anthropology course at SMU recently won the $1,000 SMU Libraries Information Literacy stipend. Yes, Wikipedia! Actually, a project of this type is an excellent way to foster information literacy, critical thinking, and

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Fighting Fake News with the Libraries

The libraries recently held a workshop on how to recognize fake news which generated interesting discussions amongst attendees. As a follow up, we decided to share top tools and resources for fighting the spread of fake news and for understanding why we fall

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Finding Places to Publish

One of the joys of being a researcher, is seeing the results of the research that one has spent a long time working on, published. However, the process of finding the ideal journal is not always that easy. Experienced researchers

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A Librarian’s Top Tips for Better Internet Searches

We use the internet to find information every day and can often easily find what we are looking for, but there are times when more advanced techniques would yield better results. Here are some recommendations. 1. Consider the language that

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