New Sources in the Election of 2004 Collective Memory Project

The CPH‘s Election of 2004 website has been updated with the newest resources, including interviews with Vice President Dick Cheney and Bush-Cheney senior speechwriter John McConnell.  You can read SMU’s full news release here.  Some highlights from these unique interviews of 2004 insiders include:

  • cheneyVice President Dick Cheney’s scathing assessment of former U.S. Senator and Democratic primary candidate for president John Edwards as a man unworthy of respect
  • Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi’s description of collusion between other Democratic primary campaigns to knock Dean out of the race before the Iowa Caucuses
  • Senior Democratic campaign advisor Robert Shrum’s description of the fierce competition for campaign staff among primary contenders – including John Edwards’ angry reaction (“I’ll never forget…even on my deathbed”) to Shrum’s decision to work for eventual nominee John Kerry
  • George W. Bush campaign chairman Ken Mehlman’s determination that the last 72 hours of the 2004 campaign would not reflect the mistakes he considered crucial to Bush’s loss of the popular vote in 2000.