SMU Connected: Enrollment Begins Next Week

It’s time to plan for the upcoming May, summer and fall terms at SMU. Enrollment begins next week as we work to safely transition over the summer to a more normal semester this fall with in-person classes and more campus events and activities.  Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Fall 2021 Enrollment

  • Make sure to clear your holds to make sure you don’t face any obstacles to enrollment.
  • Confirm your enrollment appointments in my.smu.
  • Use the new Schedule Builder feature in the Student Dashboard to design the best schedule for you. Check out this quick video for a peek at what you can expect. For detailed instructions for your important tasks, you can visit our Student Essentials page at
  • Spring 2021 remote student status ends on May 14.
  • More information about Fall 2021 remote status­–for a small number of students under certain circumstances, such as barriers to international travel– will be forthcoming as we receive more guidance from the Department of Education, Centers for Disease Control, and local health authorities.

May and All Summer 2021 Enrollment

Virtual and SMUFlex classes

  • Courses are identified in as “Virtual” because they have a facility ID of “Virtual” assigned to them and as “SMUFlex” because they have a room assigned to them.
  • Students can choose to enroll in any combination of Virtual and SMUFlex classes for all summer sessions. (Note: For May-term, students can only enroll in one class.)
  • Students are expected to attend every class meeting regardless of Virtual or SMUFlex modality. Students who need to miss class for COVID-related reasons will be able to access recorded lectures within 48 hours.

Virtual classes.

  • Virtual classes will continue to be held with the same guidelines as in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, including at least 2/3 of the contact hours to be delivered synchronously.
  • All students and faculty are in a virtual environment.

SMUFlex classes.

  • Remote status. Students who do not wish to attend in person must notify SMU that they want to be “Remote” for the summer on or before the week prior to the first day of classes. Reasons for requesting “remote” status can include COVID-related concerns as well as non-COVID reasons (e.g., geographic flexibility, pursuing internships, etc.). We will provide a notification link to those enrolled in May and summer courses at the end of April and students will be able to update their status during the summer.
  • Students’ status as “Remote” will be available on the course rosters and faculty will expect you to attend via Zoom with your screens on.
  • Faculty can require that students who are not coded as “Remote” to attend in person unless they have specific documentation that they are absent for COVID-related reasons (quarantine or isolation).
  • Red/blue split. Many courses will have classrooms large enough to accommodate all students with safe social distancing. Information about the red/blue split will be available after the enrollment period begins.
  • Synchronous class time. SMUFlex classes are required to meet synchronously for all scheduled contact hours.

In-person only.

  • Only a very small number of courses in the Meadows School of the Arts require in-person attendance for all courses. Students should contact the department chair for questions related to these courses.