Personal travel advisory

As you make personal travel plans, including for Spring Break, it is important to clarify that the University will not attempt to monitor or regulate the personal travel of our students, faculty or staff. The restrictions in place only pertain to University-sponsored and/or sanctioned international travel in response to the Coronavirus.

Those who do travel abroad for personal reasons should realize, however, that they may face unpredictable circumstances, travel restrictions and challenges in returning home and/or accessing health care in a foreign country because of the evolving nature of the Coronavirus. Federal, state and local health organizations are recommending that all travelers returning from international destinations that are an alert level 3 or 4 follow self-monitoring guidelines for 14 days to watch for symptoms of the illness. The Centers for Disease Control is the best source for information on the severity of outbreaks in international locations, including where the transmission of the virus is widespread and sustained.

SMU officials are making plans to keep the campus community as healthy as possible during this time while moving ahead with the important job of educating our students. The blog and related FAQs will be the best source for updated information as we adapt and respond to changing circumstances. We also have established an information line dedicated to the Coronavirus, which you can reach at 888-378-1933.