Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that the 28th Conference on Spanish in the United States and 13th Conference on Spanish in Contact with Other Languages will be held in person at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX (USA) from April 6-8, 2023.

The theme of the conference is:

US Spanishes: Toward Standardization

In the last decade, US Spanish has received attention and recognition in academic linguistic circles, but it has also established an undeniable presence in all domains of public life in the United States. Media, advertising, politics, economy, education, and culture have all seen a substantial influx of Spanish. In this process, inevitably, certain structural properties and bilingual practices are becoming informally standardized or unofficially legitimized.

Does this suggest the need for establishing an official standard or standards? If so, which structural properties and bilingual practices are headed toward legitimization? Which individuals and institutions, if any, should be part of these conversations and decision-making? And since standardization affects many areas of life besides language, what would be the impact of an institutionalized norm or norms on education, society, economy, and politics given the global, highly mobile and multilingual context in which we live?

With this theme in mind, we would like to invite submission of papers that investigate the tensions surrounding standard language, standardization and institutionalized normativity in a US context.

As is the conference tradition, we also welcome submission of papers in all areas of language research related to any aspect of Spanish in the United States or Spanish in contact with other languages, including but not limited to the following:

bilingualism/multilingualism, educational policies and practices, formal aspects of US Spanish, translanguaging, heritage language acquisition, heritage language learning and teaching, third generation heritage Spanish, language and identity, language and the law, language contact and change, language ideologies, raciolinguistics, language in politics and politics of language, language maintenance, shift and loss, language planning, language policy, language rights, linguistic anthropology, linguistic variation,  mass media and Spanish, Spanish in the professions, Spanish and the economy.

Multidisciplinary, multimethod, and collaborative cutting-edge scholarship is welcome.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Dr. Maria Carreira, Professor of Spanish, California State University, Long Beach (USA)

Dr. Andrew Lynch, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Miami (USA)

Dr. Francisco Moreno-Fernández, Professor of Ibero-American Linguistic, Cultural, and Social Studies, Heidelberg University (Germany)

Dr. Eeva Sippola, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Helsinki (Finland)

Special Workshops on Heritage Pedagogy and Curricula:

Workshop Moderators:

Dr. Sara Beaudrie, Associate Professor of Spanish, Arizona State University (USA)

Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo, Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics, University of Florida (USA)

Call Deadline Extended: November 20, 2022

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