University Park approved a nine-month pilot program March 20 allowing permitted bike sharing companies to operate in the city.

As part of the program, dockless bikes may be ridden anywhere in University Park but must be parked in designated locations, including the SMU campus, specific areas near campus, Snider Plaza or Preston Center Plaza. The map shows designated parking locations in blue.

The bike sharing companies are responsible for telling users that hourly fees will continue until the bike they are riding is parked in the designated locations. Residents may report bikes parked outside designated areas online.

Within the designated parking areas, the bikes must be parked upright on sidewalks and may not inhibit pedestrian movement or ADA accessibility. The bikes may not block loading zones, curb ramps, driveways or intersection sight lines, and they can’t be parked in landscaping beds or against trees.

· Read more about the dockless bike ordinance from the City of University Park.


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