Beginning Monday, Dec. 14, and continuing through April 2016, ongoing construction activities in the central part of the campus will require fencing off a section of the campus roughly between Airline Drive and Cox Business School, and Hughes-Trigg Student Center and the Collins Center to pedestrian traffic. See the green area on the map below. Pedestrian walkways around this area are indicated by blue lines.

Areas highlighted in yellow will be reopened and accessible to pedestrian traffic, and the parking lot between Boaz Commons and the Crow Building will be reopened to faculty/RLSH parking.

The south entry into the Fincher Building will be reopened.  The fence which currently blocks the pedestrian path on the north side of the Collins Center will be relocated to allow the reopening of a pathway to the center.

In addition, only the east entrance to Caruth Hall, and only the north and west entrances to Hughes-Trigg will be available. Access to Patterson Hall, including the SMU Police Department, will be limited.

The University apologizes for the inconvenience.




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